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Ho Ho Ho Santa Letter
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Fun Santa letterYou have so many Christmas stationery designs to choose from!

We search for and find new Christmas stationery every year. We want you to have a wide selection for your letters. In addition to our huge selection of holiday papers, the personal tone of our writing will amaze you! Your child will always remember receiving their Santa Letter. Imagine the delight in their eyes when they see a real personalized Letter From Santa addressed to them! You'll feel wonderful for putting that smile on their face. Children absolutely cherish every word in their special Christmas message from Santa Claus. They are so eager to "be nice to their sibling" or "clean up their toys" or "take care of their pet" when Santa asks. Wouldn't you love him to give your child or grandchild a special Christmas Letter this year? Not only do we offer you a custom Santa Claus Letter, we offer an assortment of Santa gifts, Christmas craft kits and fun holiday extras to add on to your order. We have a special 1st Christmas Santa Letter for children under the age of one. We do not have enough elves to offer free santa letters. Our personalised Santa Gifts are posted to countries around the world.

santa call

Another fantastic gift from Santa Claus is a telephone call! You can order a Santa Phone Call just for your child. A Santa Phone Call is a pre-recorded message from Santa that you schedule. A North Pole Operator will ask for your child and then let them hear Santa's message. Get your little one in the holiday spirit with a call from Santa.



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